The Hinabi Project: The Art of Philippine Textiles seeks to increase awareness of and appreciation for the exquisite and rich tradition of Philippine weaving and textiles. In addition, we hope to infuse pride among Filipinos and inspire them to rediscover their heritage as well as incorporate aspects of Filipino traditional fabrics in their modern lifestyle. Lastly, the project hopes to encourage weavers, embroiderers, and designers of traditional Filipino textiles to continue working on their crafts and thus maintain this tradition.

For the public to gain a better understanding of the historical, cultural, and economic significance of Philippine textiles, The Hinabi Project Team, in partnership with US and Philippine organizations, have set several goals: the creation of a textile collection, documentation of the fabric production, and public presentations through exhibitions, lectures and workshops of Philippine textiles; work with NGO partners to development sustainable economic programs that support artisan families. Additional The Hinabi Project adheres to and promote the Good Hinabi Practices (GHP), participatory standards set by the association of hand-weaving communities.