The Hinabi Project

   The Art of Philippine Textiles

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…and the messenger
from heaven
unto man
and said:

Go check out
PIÑA: An Enduring Philippine Fabric
at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, September 24 until October 11, 2015

Image above is from one of the piña panels on display at the Asian Art Museum’s Resource Room. Below are swatches of naturally-dyed piña fabric.

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PAWA, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, creation, and preservation of Filipino/Filipino American culture, arts, and literature. To find out more about PAWA, please visit our website:

2015: The Year of Piña
In partnership with the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, PAWA is sponsoring an educational display on piña (woven from Red Spanish Pineapple leaf fibers) at the AAM
from September 24–Ocotber 11, 2015.
Find out more about
pîna and the show…

The Hinabi Project is a multi-year endeavor focused on raising awareness of the rich and varied Filipino textile traditions with historical, cultural and economic perspectives.
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